Dobranotch CD


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This album is our interpretation of Russian folklore.
Only songs and only in Russian.
Since this is Dobranotch nevertheless, you will hear Gypsy, Jewish and Moldavian influence.

As Dostoevsky wrote in 1866 in his novel "Crime and Punishment", anticipating the appearance of this album: “The entire second floor of the house to the left was occupied by a tavern. All the windows were wide open; the inn, judging by the moving figures in the windows, was jam-packed. Songwriters poured in the hall, the clarinet rang, the violin and the Turkish drum rattled. Women's screeches were heard. ”

1. Makhorka
2. Krakowiak
3. Pas d'Espagne
4. Doina Viatsa
5. Bumazhnik
6. Skobarya
7. Skazhi Skazhi
8. Tiflis
9. Proshay Moskva
10. Milyonochek (live)

15€ - buy now